Rod Roy Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

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Are we worried about not completing the season? Not us! Since 1962 we have always completed the season.

We are so confident in the upcoming winter snow that we are guaranteeing that we will be able to complete all of our programs by winter's end.  Weather patterns are changing but we will continue to get our fair share of snow.

Despite sometimes having little snow in the city, local ski centres can have great snow conditions due to advanced snowmaking technology and excellent grooming.   Rod Roy Snow Schools is affiliated with more than 20 ski centres within driving distance from Montreal which gives us the flexibility to “follow the snow”.    

If we cannot complete our 6 week program due to a lack of snow,  we will reimburse our members up to $100* per missed trip due to a premature end of season for lack of snow.

  • $100 per trip for members in programs with bus transportation.
  • $50 per trip for members in u-drive programs.

Trips have been scheduled, starting in January, and continuing weekly into March.  If a cancellation is necessary due to inclement weather at the ski areas, make-up trips will be guaranteed at the end of the schedule.  Members are advised to be prepared for the 6 week program to take 7-8 weeks to complete. 

The decision to not complete the season rests solely with Ski Rod Roy. Members are not eligible for any snow guarantee refunds if they choose not to attend any of the scheduled trips.

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