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Registration: Membership Fees
Membership Fees

To register: Internet online form Downloadprintable version

Payment can be made by cheque, Visa or MasterCard. Please make cheques payable to Rod Roy Ski Schools.

Register Early & Save: Register online before September 15th and you automatically receive up to a $60 rebate (taxes included), certain conditions apply, from your membership fees. Applies to all family members. Does not apply to Snow Camp.

Budget Payment Plan: Payment can be made in 4 post-dated cheques for the following dates. Registration forms must be accompanied by all post-dated cheques.

1. October 15, 2021
2. December 1, 2021
3. January 1, 2022
4. February 1, 2022

Please note a service charge of ($1.25 per cheque or $3.00 per credit card transaction) applies for the Budget Payment Plan.

Note: A $15.00 service charge will be assessed on any cheques returned by your financial institution.

Mask and vaccination policies for 2022

Refund policies for 2022

PROGRAMS & FEES 2022 (All fees are subject to 5% GST & 9.975% TVQ)

Programs & Fees printable version

(All fees are subject to 5% GST & 9.975% TVQ)

Program Code

(taxes extra)

Laurentide (ages 6-13) Saturday & Sunday 6-weeks beginning January 8, 2022

Transportation & 2 hours SKI lessons
S2 (Saturday)
J2 (Sunday)


Transportation & 2 hours SNOWBOARD lessons
B2 (Saturday)
K2 (Sunday)
Transportation & 4 hours SKI lessons
S4 (Saturday)
J4 (Sunday)


Transportation & 4 hours SNOWBOARD lessons
B4 (Saturday)
K4 (Sunday)


Transportation, Lessons & Full Supervision SKI
SF (Saturday)
JF (Sunday)


Transportation, Lessons & Full Supervision SNOWBOARD
BF (Saturday)
KF (Sunday)
U-Drive & 2 hours SKI lessons (morning)
S2Uam (Saturday)
J2Uam (Sunday)
U-Drive & 2 hours SKI lessons (afternoon)
S2Upm (Saturday)
J2Upm (Sunday)


U-Drive & 2 hours SNOWBOARD lessons (morning)
B2Uam (Saturday)
K2Uam (Sunday)


U-Drive & 2 hours SNOWBOARD lessons (afternoon)
B2Upm (Saturday)
K2Upm (Sunday)


U-Drive & 4 hours SKI lessons
S4U (Saturday)
J4U (Sunday)


U-Drive & 4 hours SNOWBOARD lessons
B4U (Saturday)
K4U (Sunday)


U-Drive Adult: tickets only SATURDAY
A (Saturday)
L (Sunday)


Adult (parent) on Laurentide bus
Add $240 + taxes to
adult U-Drive programs
RR Max – Saturday (ages 13+) 6-weeks beginning January 8, 2022
Saturday: no instruction
Saturday: with instruction
D1 (Ski)
Saturday:Instructors In Training
D3 (Ski)
D4 (Snowboard)
RR Max – Sunday (ages 13+) 6-weeks beginning January 9, 2022
Sunday: no instruction
Sunday: with SKI instruction
E1 (Ski)
Sunday: with SNOWBOARD instruction
E2 (Snowboard)
Adult Programs (6 weeks)
Program Code
(taxes extra)
Adult Sunday: no instruction
Adult Sunday: with SKI instruction
F1 (Ski)
Adult Sunday: with SNOWBOARD instruction
Adult Tuesday: no instruction (senior discount)
Adult Tuesday: with instruction (senior discount)
H (Ski)

Snow Camp March Break 2022 (ages 8-13)

Program Code
(taxes extra)
Four days of bus transportation and lift tickets.
Four days of bus transportation, lift tickets plus full supervision. Supervised on the slopes (no lessons).
Four days of bus transportation, lift tickets, 6 hours of novice ski instruction and full supervision.

Programs & prices subject to change.

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