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Laurentide Full Supervision

Laurentide Full Supervision (ages 6-10)

Children in the Full Supervision option are always with Rod Roy staff throughout the day, from the time they get on the bus in the morning until they return home in the evening.

Students in the full supervision program must bring their lunches from home and a small amount of money. Students will eat with their monitor on the bus and then go to the chalet as a group to use the washrooms and get ready for the afternoon lesson. Eating lunch on the bus is preferred because the ski hill chalet can be very crowded at lunch hour. The buses are heated, the students have their own seat and they can change mitts or take off a layer if they are too hot.

Students, ages 10 & 11, will be accepted into the full supervision program after consultation with the Rod Roy office, 514-626-6240. Students, ages 12-13, will not be accepted in the full supervision program.

Full supervision students must wear a Rod Roy
identification pinnie throughout the day.

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