FEBRUARY 7-9, 2018
Cost: $309

Payment: Please make your cheques payable to PCHS and return with your completed Registration Form to Mrs. Bagshaw. Please write your name, phone number & tag room on the back of your cheques. A $15.00 service charge will be applied for any cheques returned by your financial institution.

Equipment Rentals: Please add to your payment if you require equipment rentals.

Payment Schedule:

November 10, 2017
November 10, 2017
December 01 (+ rental)
Ski rental (if required)


Snowboard rental (if required)


Helmet rental (if required)

REFUNDS: There is a minimum $179.00 penalty on all refunds. There is no refund for cancellations less than 45 days prior
to departure.

SECURITY DEPOSIT : A $50.00 security deposit is required upon registration. This security deposit will be returned after the trip, provided no damage has been done by the group. Please use a separate cheque for the damage deposit.

Rental Equipment: Students are responsible for their rental equipment. Lost or stolen rental equipment will cost the student $600 (snowboard) or $550 (skis). Students are not to leave their equipment unattended at any time.

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